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“What’s for dinner, Zorro?”

“What’s for dinner, Zorro?” Mary Mary Today I had lunch with 2 of my unmarried friends. One is engaged, one is a mistress, and I have been married for 20+ years. We were chatting about our relationships and came up with the idea to amaze our men by greeting them at the door wearing a […]

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Congratulation Bandleader Ludlow “Bingie” Lloyd Mckenzie

  Congratulation Bandleader Basses, Ludlow “Bingie” Lloyd Mckenzie Press Release July 10, 2017 by Valaie Flact “Reggae Wellness Expo & Music Festival Mission Focus Is Honoring And Recognizing Unsung Jamaican Music Pioneers & Providing Exposing For Jamaica’s Next Generation Of Music Stars Each Year At The Annual Event. “RW” Mission Is To Always Be A […]

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Timeless Classics Reggae/World

HousTone Records Announces The Release Of Timeless Classics Volume III Reggae/World January 15th, 2014 Vol. III Reggae/World is a collection of Gold and Platinum songs recorded, by reggae stars and undiscovered artist from around the world. There are many people around the world that enjoy and listen to reggae; but many others that have not […]

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Now I Am Singing The Blues

HousTone Records Announces The Releases Of Now I Am Singing The Blues 2013 on November 5th, 2013 Now I Am Singing The Blues 2013 (originally released as a six song CD in1994), will feature 10 previously Un-released songs, No Skull, No Bone, I’M The Blue’s Dog Baby, Blues Dog Boogie, Born To Be Wild Part […]

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HousTone Records Announcement

HousTone Records Announces The Release Of Timeless Classics Volume II  On October 15th, 2013 Featuring 22 Gold and Platinum songs recorded by both stars and undiscovered artist from around the world. For more than 25 years HousTone Records has released LP/CDs, from the fields of Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Country, New Age, Reggae, Worldbeat and R […]

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US Race Classification

Federal government fails when it comes to enforcing United States race classification laws (Changing the majority) Pass research proves little has been done in enforcing the US race classification laws. The law is not are has been a high priority on the government’s list of laws to enforce. With DNA test now available it should […]

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Changing the Music Industry

Changing World of Music Industry Music has always been and always will be an essential part of human existence. People of Stone Age sang and danced around their fires, traveling minstrels entertained the people of Middle Ages, and operas and concerts were extremely popular during Baroque and Classical Eras. Today, as never before in human […]

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Entertainment, a necessity

-B. Arora Entertainment may be defined as an activity in which an individual is passively involved in the act of amusement in leisure time. However, the definition of entertainment seems to have changed and is merely an act of amusement with passive involvement of the individual. Inception of entertainment as a profession can not be […]

Difference between Soccer and Football

Simon Wright Okay, let’s start with defining what we mean by the terms soccer’ and football’. Soccer is fairly straightforward as it is the sport of Association Football. Soccer is known, however, throughout most of the world simply as football. For the purposes of this article, however, we will use the term soccer to differentiate […]

The Origins of Grunge Music

Grunge, which is a subgenre of alternative rock, got its start in the Seattle area in the mid-1980s and is also known as the Seattle sound. Getting its name partly from the generally sloppy, thrift-store appearance of its band members, the genre was short lived lasting only to the early 2000s, but continues to influence […]


INDUSTRY PROFILE Janie Hendrix Posted: February 4, 2010 By Larry LeBlanc Forty years after his untimely death at 27, Jimi Hendrix’s musical legacy continues to be appreciated by his fans while attracting new followers, and transcending generational boundaries. According to sources, Hendrix’s catalog sells some 500,000 albums annually in the United States, while worldwide sales […]

NFL: Breakout and Breakdown Seasons

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) By Zach Fein (Analyst) Written on August 31, 2009 NFL: How Breakout and Breakdown Seasons Affect Future Performance To say that Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was a bust last year is an understatement. Hasselbeck had finished in the top six in quarterback fantasy points three of five years from 2003 […]

Houston Rockets Power Dancers

Register now for RPD prep classes! Think you can dance?  Want to join the best?  Auditions are set for the hottest dance team in the NBA…  Pre-Register now to receive monthly updates on RPD auditions and insider tips & techniques from RPD coaches and captains. RPD Preliminary Auditions Saturday, July 11, 2009 9:00 a.m. at […]

How the Rockets fit into this year’s draft

Mystery And Intrigue How the Rockets fit into this year’s draft Jason Friedman Staff Writer Aaron Brooks’ speed and finishing ability caught the Rockets’ attention during his pre-draft workout. Houston – 12 prospects. 2 days. An infinite number of possibilities. That’s the vibe permeating Toyota Center right now after the Rockets sent a dozen […]

Texans Cheerleaders

2009 Houston Texans Cheerleaders Tryouts Coverage CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FINAL SQUAD! The 2009 Houston Texans Cheerleaders Tryouts have concluded. The 29 members were announced on Thursday, April 30. Video | Story | Slideshow Hundreds of women participated in the first round of tryouts on April 18. Cheerleader tryouts draw talent | Photos from […]