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Waiting Room USA
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Sirron Kyles,  Managing Editor in Chief

Michael Zibi,  Director

Dakota Kyles,  Submission Editor

Sirzib Publishing Inc.
Publisher of Waiting Room USA Inc.

Waiting Room USA Inc. Projected Regional Branch/Franchise Locations  2009/10

1. Houston/Galveston, Texas, Managing Editors/Director’s, Sirron Kyles, Michael Zibi

2. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Managing Editors/Director’s, Sirron Kyles/Michael Zibi

3. San Antonio/Austin, Texas Manager Editor/Director’s, Sirron Kyles, Michael Zibi

4. Boston, Massachusetts, Managing Editor/Franchisee, TBA

5. Las Vegas, Nevada, Operational  Editor, Jacqueline Jones

6. San Francisco/Oakland, California, Operational Editor, Etta Virginia, Johnson

7. St. Louis/Kansas City, Missouri, Managing Editor, Debbi Patrick

8. New Orleans/Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Operational Editor, Ira Hatchett

9. Seattle Washington, Manager Editor/Franchisee, TBA

10. Atlanta, Georgia, Managing Editor/Franchisee, TBA

11. Miami, Florida, Manager Editor/Franchisee, TBA

12. Washington, DC, Managing Editor/Franchisee, TBA


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