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Houston Texas – home of the Texas Medical Center, one of the largest, if not the largest Care Giving and Health Research Center in the world.  Houston is also Headquarters off the first new innovative concept in the history of magazines, Waiting Room USA.

Most, if not all Doctors offices, Hospitals, Medical and Health facilities have waiting rooms or areas where patients or customers sit while waiting to see physicians, counselors, trainers or instructors. In these areas or waiting rooms, there are normally magazines provided by the doctors or businesses to read while waiting.  Most are usually outdated or trade magazines, personal magazine subscriptions for customers to read while waiting for their appointments. Doctor offices pay $2,500/$3,500 a year for subscriptions and anything new is always taken by their patients/customers, which leaves nothing for others to read towards the end of the month (as polls and research suggests).

Waiting Room USA Magazine
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Waiting Room USA is a regional magazine . The Magazine describes the medical and healthcare industries with plenty of updates and helpful articles, along with discounts, entertainment & sports highlights of  people, places and activities regarding each of our specific regions of distribution. Feature stories cover the general-interest subjects in the region. We publish 4 times a year.

the rate base for the magazine is 100,000/200,000 Eighty-eight percent of the readership lives in each market/region the magazine is distributed.

Audience Demographics
based on the most recent reader survey readers are typically 47-year-old married individuals with an average household income of $75,000.

Waiting Room USA tends to be those well educated and those seeking health care.

55% are patients or customers

16% hold positions in the medical & health care field

14% are Medicare recipients

3% are executives or managers

3% own businesses

5% hold technical positions

Waiting Room USA Magazine Format Structure:
(75 to 100) seventy five to one hundred pages per issue, printed on 60-pound text glossy enamel paper with a 60-pound cover stock glossy enamel paper for each issue.
Magazine Content (45%) forty five percent ads, (5%) five percent Public Service Announcements and (50%) fifty percent articles. (Subject to change)

Waiting Room USA Magazine Editorial Feature article topics:
1. Current Health Care Issues

2. Cosmetic News and Views

3. Nutrition

4. Fitness

5. Diseases Prevention

6. Pharmaceutical Updates

7. Holistic Viewpoints

8. Religious Healing Views

9. Fitness

10. Natural Foods

11. Athletic and Sports Injuries

12. Children Medical Facilities

13. Aging

14. Dental
All Articles for Waiting Room USA to be written publish and provide by Doctors, Professionals, Physician, Health & Drug, Manufactures, other Industry Related professionals, general public, freelance writers and staff writers.

Center Section:
Articles related to what’s happening in the City, Free Events, Movie, Theaters, Sports, and Concerts etc.

Advertising Criteria:
Advertiser are solicited and will derive from Pharmaceutical Companies, Fitness Centers, Medical specialist such as Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentist, Workout equipment Manufactures, Cosmetic companies, Vitamins and Nutrition suppliers and Manufactures,Due to the possible overlapping of Advertisers client’s products, there will be a limit of same type products, for example a limit on Allergy medical ads. Only two brands will be allowed to run ads per issue. The same limits will apply to all products. All Advertisers must provide some incentive for the public.

Target Advertisers, Services and/or Products:
1. Pharmaceutical Companies

2. Advertising Agencies

3. Fitness Equipment Manufactures

4. Fitness & Health Centers

5. Vitamins Companies

6. Natural Food Companies

7. Cosmetic Companies

8. Doctor Clinics and Physicians Specialist

9. Dental Clinics

10. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons

11. Cellular Companies

12. Air Purifiers Manufactures

13. Medical Insurance Companies

14. Medic Care and Medic Aides

15. Federal, State and City Government

16. General Luxury Products

17. General Family Products

Distribution Plan Free of charge to the following:
1. All Doctors Offices (3,300 in Houston metroplex)

2. All Medical Clinics (500)

3. Major Hospitals (98)

4. Fitness Centers (125)

5. Nutritional Outlets (100+)

6. Dental Clinics (200 +)

7. General Office Locations (2,000 +)

Average Magazines distributed per Location 50 + per month

Average number of Copies Printed per month 100,000 to 200,000 per month max for the Branchs depending on the request from Location needs per month. Magazines will be reprinted as needed from minimum up to max.

Waiting Room USA Inc. branch locations are available. For information please contact our Corporate Offices at (713) 866-4006

P.O. Box 8305
Houston, Texas 7728



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