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Salle D’Atent , awards all Trade Mark, Copyrights and Patient Registration of Salle D’ Attente America to Sirzib Publishing Inc.,  Waiting Room USA Magazine/ www.waitingroomusa.com .

The Waiting Room Magazine Concept was originally created in France in 1995 by James Fellous and the Zibi Family, for the French Magazine, Salle D’Atent, translated in English the Waiting Room. Waiting Room USA Magazine covers recent trends concerning the medical and health care industries with updates, self help articles, discounts, and entertainment & sports highlights. Distributed web site and infomercial Cable marketing.

Waiting Room USA in print and www.waitingroomusa.com , a perfect marketing tool for Advertising Agencies, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Health, Fitness centers, related companies to market and advertise their products or services.

Waiting Room USA Magazine, a free monthly publication will not only provide magazines for  patients and customers to read while waiting, but will also provides a direct target market, ideal for advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic, health and fitness products, centers, and companies in which to advertise products and discounts.

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