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Smart Phones: Pros and Cons

The development of technology for the last few decades is truly impressive. In particular, cell phones, which were first introduced in the 1980s and has made a spectacular jump from simple devices intended for just talking to multi-purpose gadgets. Nowadays, smart phones can be used by their owners as computers to surf the web, video […]

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Google+ Circles Review

Google+ Circles allow you to place other Google+ users and non-users (an invite  is sent whenever you share something with them) into separate networking “circles”. This allows you to avoid embarrassing situations such as your parents hearing about what you have been getting up to in the evening, or your boss hearing what you really […]

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Future Advancements in Modern Technology

A. Jain – The healthcare and medicine sector is one of the important sectors known to man. Hence it is not surprising that a lot of research work is being done in these areas to further push the boundaries of human health and disease free existence. In the last 50 years alone, the life expectancy […]

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Your Family History through DNA Testing

Taking a Look at the Genographic Project Author: Pam Sheppard According to American Demographics, 113 million Americans have begun to trace their family roots. In fact, tracing one’s genealogy is second to gardening when it comes to American’s best loved hobbies. Thanks to rapid advances in technology, the average person can now use DNA testing […]

Pharmacy Software Integration

Healthcare Providers Demanding Greater Integration from Pharmacy Software Vendors. New KLAS pharmacy report explores the link between provider satisfaction and integration within the closed-loop medication process. OREM, UT, May 26, 2009 /Medical News Articles/ — As healthcare providers move to adopt ePrescribing and drive greater patient safety, the need for better integration between core clinical […]