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Choosing “Acupuncture” Over “KemeTones” Is Like Choosing Pain Over No Pain

​Choosing “Acupuncture” Over “KemeTones” Is Like Choosing Pain Over No Pain   Press Release June 2, 2017 story by Erica Modell KemeTones © is the Kemetic (Indigenous Ancient, African, Egyptian’s) approach to using Sound Vibrations as Healing Therapy Definition of Therapist: One specializing in therapy; a person trained in methods of alternative Health care treatment […]

Treatments for Diabetes

What is Diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is a syndrome characterized by high blood sugar resulting from an impaired response to insulin. Type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed in patients over the age of thirty, but it also occurs in children and teens. It is commonly associated with being overweight, especially around the abdomen area. Many […]