Difficult Pleasures of Life

Perl Waterfall ChinaEverybody, in today’s world wants happiness and is striving to work for it. But what happens when this happiness is turned into pain or the small, little pleasure of our life become difficult due to the various complexities we create around us? This is to say, what if, the pleasures in which you seek happiness such as aesthetic beauty, being wealthy, success, health, talent etc., turns into pain or, what if, the distinction between pain and pleasure is wiped out?

This quality where one seeks for happiness and these small pleasures, is an inherent quality which is present in all human beings and this is mainly because human beings wants to create a world around them where they can enjoy everything. Thus, from the time, when we are children, we feel comfortable when our parents cuddle us and care for us. As we grow, we seek pleasure in our loved ones company or when someone compliments us. But, when it comes to survival in this world, then these pleasures have to be left behind and we need to function beyond these small pleasures in order to gain happiness.

Since, most of people have wrong notions about what constitutes pleasure, they tend to think that anything which gives them respite, is pleasure. Also, some live in a mode denial and since, they aren’t able to achieve true happiness and can’t remain content, they tend to seek respite in pleasure only. Therefore, beauty, wealth are certain things which gives everyone respite as then they can impress anyone and these then become pleasure for them. But these tend to give them respite for a very short duration and hence, pleasure become pain, from this particular moment as it starts interfering in our daily lives.

We all our faced by certain situations in our daily lives where we tend articulate and analyze various doubts, apprehensions, and even our small little joys and then we make choices for these small pleasures. The small pleasures become difficult at a time when you want to escape from certain situations and at the same time, a feeling to belong constantly faces you. Pleasures, whether they give pain or not, tends to hamper our growth and even make us stereotype people. For example, beauty gives us short-term respite; so all those things, which are not beautiful according to our own set standards, are rejected, and are judged on the basis of their appearance. Most of the seven deadly sins are committed because we are always seeking these pleasures.

Pleasures can be made difficult, only when you start making clear distinctions between what is characterized as pain and as pleasure. Such distinctions, makes you not only stereotype a certain category, but your mind starts functioning in a certain way, which will never make you and all you be facing is short term respite which you wrongly term as happiness. Although it may boost your confidence, makes you feel good, but trying going beyond the set standards and conventions. Start pondering and introspecting and then you will be a step closer to attain peace and happiness in true sense.



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