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Seeking the Kingdom of God

“Most of us ask ourselves, “Why are we really here?”

Who we are and what we are is the answer. Some say we are here to create, to live in joy. And that is True. But it goes deeper than that.

We are here to know God, to become aware of the Power within us. “Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto ye.”

As we go within to the core of our being, we find the Truth of who we are. We are Spiritual Beings having human experience. We’ve heard that before many times, but as we go within, we enter into our own inner depths. As a result, we gain the world.

Often we put the cart before the horse. We work hard to get where we want to be, which is usually further, higher, and richer.

But we find when we get there, we’re not really there. It’s deeper and far greater than we ever dreamed.

We all want instant gratification, but that’s not the way it works.

It takes time and effort. It is in spending time within that we find what we need most. It’s not in week; it’s not in a month.

It’s in God’s perfect timing. But it’s worth it. It can happen instantaneously, but usually there is a gradual deepening of understanding and clarity”