Dream Mind Tricks

Dreams; Is your mind playing tricks on you?
The human mind, what all is it capable of? “The answer is, pretty much anything and everything.” It has its own mystifying ways to push the boundaries of reality. Things get tricky when an interconnection between the procedures of your mind, imaginations of your dreams and prudence of reality is revealed (Interface). It is then when the mind seems to have taken over reality and causes absurd experiences like Déjà-Vu, Precognition, Premonition, Lucid Dreams and Synchronicity. The cause of all these happenings is said to be a conflict between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious chooses to push away things, which you are incapable of handling while the subconscious often taps in to the creative an imaginative world where everything deep within is exposed. So when you are on that road leading towards unknown parts (read-subconscious), be prepared’ as you maybe left awestruck with what you may find.

1. Déjà-Vu:

What is that feeling or illusion that causes you to think that you have been their, part of or witnessed a certain situation before? That could be Déjà-Vu and its; literal meaning is “already seen”. You are sitting somewhere, chatting with friends and suddenly you realize that you heard this conversation before. You know exactly where the discussion is leading too and what will be said. Or you visit a place for the first time and that feeling comes over you that you have been there before. It’s not surprising if you are also one of the 70% of the people who claim to have gone through what some would considered a bizarre experience. The reasons and why this happens is a mystery that still continues to go through numerous theories and studies by and between several groups of people. Psychoanalysts explain this as a method of fantasy fulfillment while Psychiatrists describe it as a short circuit occurring in the brain when an event makes its way into the memory, just a split second before you become mentally aware of the event.

 2. Precognitive and Premonition Dreams:

Both these dream types are correlated. When it comes to precognitive dreams, it refers to that dream which implies you are aware of the future. The information that is construed from these dreams cannot be derived from any current studies data that is available. On the other hand, premonitions also refer to intuitions but they only used for the most part to disclose evil forewarnings. The combined conclusion of various researches and surveys reveal that precognition is most likely to happen with people having creative bent of mind while premonitions are commonly observed in emotional and neurotic people.

 3. Lucid Dreams:

Have you ever felt like you were conscious while you are still dreaming? Do you sometimes know that you are controlling a dream to lead to a better ending? If you nodded to these questions, then probably you know the skill of lucid dreaming, where wishes come true. In this state you are intermingling with your subconscious and thus everything seems as authentic as it would be in reality. This is one trick played by the mind that can actually be beneficial for you.

4. Synchronicity:

When two separate events, which are connected to each other, merge unexpectedly without you making any willing efforts, it is known as Synchronicity and means “in time”. Your mind could be struggling with a problem and suddenly an external correlation seems to give you a solution to it. Many people believe in giving consideration to these signs and make life decisions accordingly as if the their sub-conscious universe is guiding them. It is said that this is the result, of a function, which puts things together and into place at a significant time as your mind unfolds its intentions.


So now do you recognize any of these strange dreams occurrences? Is your mind playing tricks on you? Think hard enough and you might unfold the mystery of your Dreams.



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