Maharajji, Indian Holy Man

Tama Kieves – Someone once asked Maharajji how to meditate. The guru told him, Meditate like Jesus. The devotee asked how do you meditate like Jesus He was hungry for direction.

Maharajji fell silent, slipping into a state of bliss. Tears streamed down his face. He answered he lost himself in love.

Kieves goes on to say that some of her consulting clients would much prefer that she give them assessment tests or read their tea leaves. It’s just that no one really wants to discover their own answer, feel their way through the unknown, let go of all the chatter and fear that they don’t have an answer, and lose themselves in love.

But it’s the only thing I want to offer them. I want them to experience their own unprecedented Power, their own irreplaceable genius, Kieves writes. The best part about the Science of Mind teaching is that this is a do-it-yourself Spiritual Path. No one proclaims to have the answers for you.

We have the tools that can help you, but you have to do your own work. This is scary for some, but liberating for others. All the Power you’ll ever need lies within you at this moment. May you have the courage to create the life of your dreams?

All the GOOD I can Embody, is Now Mine.



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