Walter Holy

An astounding number of American teenagers, both male and female, altered their birth dates in order to serve their country during World War II. The practice reached its peak in 1943. Over time, nearly 50,000 were detected and sent home. Among the many who eventually managed to enlist, a handful was discovered – court martialed – and then stripped of any valor awards they might have earned. But the great majority – some 200,000 — went unnoticed and served honorably for the duration. Among those sworn in was Walter Holy (rhymes with ‘moly’ as in ‘holy moly’). Walter and his wife Frances reside in Vancouver, Washington, just over the Columbia River from Portland. There’s a possibility that Walt’s combat boots are still stashed in the hall closet, just in case. What might Walter be thinking? If you’re never too young, then you’re also never too old…?

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